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I Originate

Added: 2014-09-03

Dub Archipelago is back with a 7 track EP! "I Originate" shows off his versatile and playful way of dub with influences that go all over the place.

Streaming now on Spotify, the EP will be a Juno Download exclusive from September 10, and then available over at Beatport on the 17th.

Winter of Dub

Added: 2014-02-03

2014 start off dubby with the debut release of Dub Archipelago. It's exclusive on Spotify and Juno this week, and out wide on February 10. Not to be missed if you're into either deep soulful dubstep or full on minimal dancefloor stormers.

Following in March, EQuBE blesses us with the label's first ever track with Swedish vocals (by Mr Noon). If that's too exotic for you, there's also an excellent instrumental dub mix. Check it out on Soundcloud until released on March 3.

Glitch out!

Added: 2013-06-12

This week started with the release of Stolen Mech's "Sundog for Basstard", whose style is a first here on Redvolume. Glitch with a touch of IDM. One second you're embraced by chilled out breaks and in the next, glitchy wobbles from all sides together with oozing synths. Stream it from Spotify, or buy from any of the stores to the left, e.g. Beatport.

That Berlin feeling

Added: 2012-02-24

If you haven't heard Subject Lost's first release on Redvolume yet, it just got online on Spotify today, along with our three previous releases. Sorry for the delay! The sound can best be described as "L-Wiz meets Berlin" from our point of view, and we hope you will love it as much as we do. Check it out on Spotify, or buy the 320s and WAV's over at Beatport.

L-Wiz Gold

Added: 2012-01-21

Congratulations to L-Wiz winning the Swedish national radio's P3 Guld prize tonight! The prize is a celebration of Swedish music and was awarded in Gothenburg. Among the other nominees were Avicii, Axel Boman, Jonsson/Alter and Rebecca & Fiona. This is a huge moment for Swedish dubstep! Back to the party

On Spotify

Added: 2011-11-24

Distributor ST Holdings has withdrawn 234 labels from Spotify, removing a big chunk of dubstep from the streaming music service. It's a sad decision for all dubstep fans out there, and Redvolume promise to always keep it's music on there, which is available in this playlist.

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